Imagine yourself being involved in a car accident and dying at the young age of seventeen

Imagine coming back to life and when you try to explain, no one listen and you see no option but to keep on with your life.

Now, put yourself 32 years forward in time to find yourself been reminded by a spirit of light of an agreement that you made at the scene of the accident, in return for your life.

Now imagine that the spirit of light does its end of the agreement and grants you access to Higher Truth so you can finish your quest and begin your work; or better yet— now it’s your turn to do your end of the bargain!

What would you do?


And what would you do if your end of the bargain begins with memory flashbacks to confirm that you indeed died at age 17 and you made an agreement before coming back to life?

And now you recall becoming a witness to “divine intervention” when your dying mother had a near-death experience over twenty years ago, but you didn’t conceive it back then for believing in science.

And two years following your mother’s death, you now recall having a near-death experience yourself to learn how perception works, but you didn’t conceive it either for trusting the medical field.

And one more memory flashback takes you as close as six month prior, when you were given a prophesy that came to pass the evening in question, when the spirit of light reminded you of an agreement that you made in return of your life!

What would you do?


And now, you find yourself receiving, perceiving and translating Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom (500 transcripts and counting) and YOU ARE asked to pass it among humanity, in ways it can be understood.

What would you do?


And what if the message comes forward without theological ties…this time around?

What would you do?…

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I would first tell my true story, as the witness I am, to ratify my work with facts recorded in time.

I would quit my job and do my end of the bargain without reserves.

I would gather as many people as I could to pass on what I’ve been entrusted to do, in ways people could understand.

I would give them access to Higher Truth, so they could:

—learn not to fear death—
—learn to stop the grieving process when a loved one pass on—
—learn what to expect on the other side—
—learn the role of religions and move on with Higher Truth—


I would give them access to read the Transcripts, so they could:

—remember who we are—

—remember where we came from—

—remember our true purpose life—

I would help them remember, so they can make sense out of life, and show them, with evidential facts, our true nature, how life exists on the other side, the inalienable process of reincarnation, the true meaning of life, the application of the Golden rule and the unfolding of the Law of Cause and Effect—among many other concepts known and some yet unknown to men.

And in order to do that, I would create a website where everyone could have access to Higher Truth, without theological ties…and I would call it

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My name is Francisco Valentín and I’m here today to deliver a message:

One that I know will change the life of some of you, or maybe all of you…who knows!


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But before I deliver the message, I must first share with you an amazing story; a true story, of what I witnessed— to ratify my message: A spiritual experience like no other. A journey to the other side and back, and I am here today speaking as the witness himself.


I know… because I was there, one summer day 1979, when at the young age of 17, and due to a horrible car accident I died.


And when I came back I brought back with me things not taught in schools.

And there I was. Unable to sustain life in a severely damaged physical body, I found myself in what I can only describe as the ”void.”

Not the physical void we all know when we look up into the sky. Instead, a realm rather than a place—not existent to the physical world.

And what I felt as love and peace could not be put into words.

And the presence of higher beings became even harder to explain, because I saw its true nature, without theological ties.

Then I perceived the presence of something much more powerful, but I couldn’t call it God because that’s not the way I was taught for it to be.

One that would take endless pages to describe, but for now let’s just say that it’s an experience worthwhile telling on a separate note.


I was been given a second chance! I re-entered into my physical body, much as if I was being squeezed into it…and I could feel every cell of my body screaming in pain as I enter this broken body of mine.

After a 5 hour exploratory surgery to stop the massive internal bleeding to save my life I recall the medical chart: Fractured pelvic bone, three broken ribs, punctured lung, severely damaged kidney, splenectomy, trauma and contusions among others names I can’t describe. Complications: Nosocomial Pneumonia.

After surgery I laid in ICU for three days not knowing if I was going to make it or not.


Six months in the hospital is what took before I could ever walk. And when I tried to explain what I brought with me from my “crossover experience to the other side and back,” I was shut down (due to ignorance) by family, society, culture, religion, science… and even history.

—I knew things people could not comprehend.

—I recognized things religions would not embrace

—I learned things science would not accept

—I could re-define history in ways people would not believe, but I was too young to be heard and couldn’t find words to explain.

That’s when I decided to keep it to himself and take it to the grave….so I thought—hear me now!

I began to read everything I could get my hands on that could explain my experience.  So I took a book and began to read, to find out within a few lines that the information was misleading.

Then I took another book, but found not quite what I was looking for. I kept on reading one book after the other fruitlessly because I needed to find the right words to explain what happened to me and I couldn’t.

So here is lesson #1:
“Don’t believe everything that you read”

Meanwhile, I kept on with my life. I became a professional in the financial industry, very well respected, I may add.

Happily married and proud father of three beautiful souls that today are independent and part of this new generation.

I lived a normal happy life… until one day … when my life took a 180 turn.


The day was July 7, 2011— when at approximately 10pm my twenty year old son at the time (inadvertently) went into a spiritual trance, and a spirit of light spoke through his voice to remind me of an agreement that took place in 1979, before I came back to this physical life.

But first, it answered all those questions I couldn’t get a straight answer for from humanity, and before it left (unknowingly to me) granted me access to Higher Truth, so I can finish my quest and begin my work.

But Higher Truth wasn’t a given! I had to find it and I did; sooner than expected.

The following day I woke up with this intense urge to write, but not knowing what to write. I began to write until I realized that I was indeed transcribing word by word what took place the night before.

Incomprehensible but true—words after words, non-stop, from beginning to end. Call it automatic writing if you will. Today those words are encrypted in a document title “First Transcript.”

*Keep on reading—I’ll let you read the first transcript at the end of this page.

The following nights I began to wake-up at 1, 2 or 3 AM, prompted to write concepts incomprehensible by many but so easily understood by me, defying all logic as it still does.

I was seeing the abstract from the other side and giving it form as Spirits were passing on Higher Truth through me!

And when I understood what Higher Truth truly meant, then I realized through memory flashes that in 1979 I indeed died and was reminded of an agreement that took place before coming back to physical life.

I also realized that in the year 2000 I had what you might call a “shared near-death experience” with my dying mother—to learn that there IS divine intervention, as I explain in my live lectures you will soon have access to.

In 2002 I further realized I had experienced what is commonly known as a “near-death experience” myself; and this time I saw the light, not knowing I was being taught how perception works. Also very well explained in future lectures I will give you access to.

And in 2010 a prophesy was given to me during meditation when an inner voice gave me a message that came to pass six month later when on July 7, 2011 I was given access to Higher Truth so I can finish my quest and begin my work.

Today I receive, perceive and translate Higher Truth I describe as coming from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom.— 500 in numbers in a work in progress, and asked to name them as Transcripts.

Some call them Spirits, others describe them as Angels, few interpret them as Masters, and some view it as coming from Higher Sources.

However; as one of my Transcripts read: “…name calling limits the source through reasoning; rather call it to come from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom.”—Transcript excerpt

Sometimes it manifests as automatic writing, at times it manifests through feelings I have to expand in written form, other instances it manifests through drawings, visions or dreams and in some occasions as a lecture or reprimand I am compelled to write or voice record.

trans ref

So yes, I can talk about near death and what is on the other side because I was there, I lived it, I experienced it and keep bringing back to memory the extant reality that does exists (on the other side) and is so hard to comprehend from this plane of our reality we live in!


—In 2012 I had a spiritual experience to learn firsthand what most people call “the dark night of the soul” (worth explaining in a future lecture)

—In 2013 I had an inward firsthand experience to see, with the undimmed eyes of the soul, multiple realms to where the merging occurs, in an experience reserved only to those who are committed to understand our true origin, without theological ties, this time around.

—But when in 2015 a new experience came to manifest, I said ”No, please wait: Too much, too soon, too fast. I need time to heal—I’m still healing; I’m still learning.” And when the time comes, I will share with you new lessons as they manifest through time.

So here is Lesson #2:

“Whoever tells you that the spiritual way is an easy way; an easy road— is wrong. Why? Because you have to dissolve your old self—and that’s one of the hardest things to do. But once you learn what spirituality truly is; then it becomes a bliss—nevertheless, it’s still a rocky road!”


And what is Higher Truth? You may be asking by now!

Higher Truth is like math: You must first need to learn how to count from one to ten; before you could learn how to add and subtract; before you could learn how to multiply and divide. Then and only then, you can learn how to work with algebra applying all of what you’ve learned!

You see? Higher Truth is getting one step closer to the absolute truth. One step at a time!

So here is Lesson #3:

“Most of us have only learned to count from one to ten”

Learning to count from one to ten is what we have learned from religion. But if you begin to wonder if there is something more to what you have been taught for it to be, you become inquisitive, and that’s when you start to add and subtract (in simple form.)


…Higher Truth, so I can finish my quest and begin my work.

My work is to help you understand what was vested in me to convey as I will attempt to do in one simple sentence.

No matter what your belief system has taught you, the truth is ONE and its simplicity will overwhelm you:




The work entrusted in me is to help you remember who you are, where you came from and what’s your true purpose in life.

You ARE the sum total of all your experiences since the first movement took form. Once you fully embrace this long forgotten concept, life will begin to make sense to you.

You will finally make sense out of life—from the riches of life to poverty; from peace to wars; from world hunger to lavishness; from happiness to suffering; from compassion to deception and many other concepts I don’t want to overwhelm you with.

Ancient concepts such as the law of cause and effect, the golden rule, reincarnation, world religion, how creation took form, our true nature, human intelligence and intelligence beyond us, among others, will once again begin to make sense to you.

And you will see how it all fit perfectly and in harmony with your daily life, present conditioning, your ins and outs of life, human relationships, health, adversities, blessings, world environment and much more to write about.

You ARE the sum total of all your experiences since the first movement took form.

But in order to grasp the profoundness of this concept, you must first learn how to add and subtract, to then learn how to multiply and divide, before you can work your way up to this (metaphorical) algebraic formula so hard to comprehend from this plane of reality we live in.

Once you remember this inalienable truth, then and only then, you can start paving your way back to where we all belong—back home!

From wherever your experience have led you to this very moment in time— regardless of your religious, social, cultural, educational or economic background, I’ll help you remember this much needed Higher Truth in order to (metaphorically speaking) go back home.

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You will learn that after all “there is no mystery in life; only lack of information to what lies ahead.”


—Francisco Valentín



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