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YOU BELONG HERE if you are looking for answers to your many wonders without theological ties.

YOU WILL STAY HERE if you are searching for higher truth from the quietness of your mind.

HERE YOU WILL FIND answers to your most intimate wonders kept unanswered for so long.


 Dear fellow:

This website has been spiritually guided to help you search for higher truth. "Higher truth" does not means absolute truth but one step closer that is. It is much like stepping up the ladder closer to clarity, grasping one concept before getting to another, until it all starts making sense.

The experiences I bring forward first took place at age seventeen right after my first NDE leading me to a thirty-five year spiritual evolution to my most recent spiritual manifest.

 Today I receive, perceive, and transcribe insights of higher truth, from divine sources, turn them into manuscripts that I've asked to call "Transcripts" and publish them in this webpage for all humanity to read.

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THIS WEBSITE is the “Temple” where the original Transcript resides and home for new Transcripts to become published as they manifest.

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With over 300 manuscripts scheduled to be published, rest assured you will have plenty of insights to learn from.

Learn what needs to be learned: That which is still not yet well understood—and this time taught without theological ties.

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You will learn that after all "there is no mystery in life; only lack of information to what lies ahead."


—Francisco Valentín

Attend one of Frank's Live Lectures!

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Near Death Experiences Lectures

Frank Valentín will take you to a spiritual journey as he shares what awaits us on the other side.

His own Near Death Experiences and his synchronicity with the spirit world makes this autodidact an authority in the mystery of life-after-death.

You will travel with him while he reveals to you his living experiences—from his first NDE in 1979 to his most recent manifest in 2014.

After the journey, you may dine with him while he gives live and spontaneous answers to your most intimate question in an unforgettable Q&A group session.

At the end of this memorable evening you will learn that after all there is no mystery in life; only lack of information to what lies ahead.