You are the sum total of all your experiences since you were born

_________Got it!_______

You are the sum total of all your experiences since creation took form

________Hard to take?________

You are the sum total of all your experiences since the first movement took form

________Let me explain…________

Hi—my name is Francisco Valentín. Author and publisher of The Transcripts: Insights of Higher Truth I receive, perceive and translate from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom from time to time.

I’m not here to speak as a priest, scholar or theorist, neither I speak of metaphysics or endless philosophies. Rather, I speak as living proof and witness to what I have just disclosed.

I know because I was there, one summer day 1979 when at the young age of eighteen and due to a fatal car crash I died, and when I came back I brought with me things not taught in schools.

image1But my death experience is not what brought me to speak publicly. Because that would make me one among many—and I am no exception to the rule.

I’m here because on July 7, 2011, at approximately 10pm my twenty year old son at the time went into a spiritual trance, and a spirit of light spoke through him to remind me of an agreement that took place in 1979, in return of my life.

But first, it answered all those questions I couldn’t get a straight answer from humanity, and before it left (unknowingly to me) granted me access to Higher Truth, so I can finish my quest and begin my work.

The following day…

…I woke up with an unprecedented urge to write, and began to scribble until I realized that I was indeed transcribing verbatim what was spoken to me the night before. Call it automatic writing if you will. Today I receive, perceive and translate Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom—500 in numbers and counting.

What are The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom?


Some call them Spirits, others describe them as Angels, few interpret them as Masters, and some view it as coming from Higher Sources. However; as one of my Transcripts read:

Name calling limits the source through reasoning; rather call it to come from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom.”—Transcript 

What is a Transcript?


Sometimes it manifests as automatic writing, at times it manifests through feelings I have to expand in written form, other instances it manifests through drawings, visions or dreams and in some occasions as a lecture or reprimand I am compelled to write or voice record.

trans ref

So yes, I do attest to the veracity of what I just disclosed,  because I was there, I lived it, I experienced it and brought back to memory the extant reality that does exists …and is so hard to comprehend from this plane of  reality we live in!

And what is Higher Truth?


Higher Truth is like math: You must first need to learn how to count from one to ten; before you could learn how to add and subtract; before you could learn how to multiply and divide. Then and only then, you can learn how to work with algebra applying all of what you’ve learned! You see? Higher Truth is getting one step closer to the absolute truth. One step at a time!

And what does …”Higher Truth, so I can finish my quest and begin my work” means?


My work is to become the instrument by which the information comes through to help you remember your true essence, where you came from and what’s your purpose in life.

Regardless of what your belief system has taught you, the truth is ONE and is found inwardly, without theological ties…this time around.

You ARE the sum total of all your experiences since the first movement took form—therefore, you have always existed; from spirit to flesh, and you will always be you!

But in order to grasp the profoundness of this concept, you must first learn how to add and subtract, to then learn how to multiply and divide, before you can work your way up to Higher Truth that is so hard to comprehend from this plane of reality we live in.

Let me explain; how you are a soul; the true meaning of death; what you will become when you die; what is God, and most importantly: who you truly are, where you came from, and your purpose in life!

Everyone know their purpose—its just that we have forgotten long time ago, and is time to wake up!—Transcript

You will finally make sense out of life—from the riches of life to poverty; from peace to wars; from world hunger to lavishness; from happiness to suffering; from compassion to deception and many other concepts I have in store for you.

Ancient concepts such as the law of cause and effect, the golden rule, reincarnation, world religion, how creation took form, our true nature, human intelligence and intelligence beyond us, among many other topics are waiting to be read by you.

And you will see how it all fit perfectly and in harmony with your daily life, others, and the world as a whole.

Once you remember this inalienable truth, then and only then, you can start paving your way back Home!

From wherever your experiences have led you to this very moment you’re reading these lines— regardless of your religious, social, cultural, educational or economic background, I’ll help you remember this much needed Higher Truth in order for all of us to go back home—not to be termed as a place to dwell.

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You will learn that after all:

There is no mystery in life; only lack of information to what lies ahead.”—Transcript

Truth is one…interpretations many.

—Francisco Valentín

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