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YOU BELONG HERE if you are looking for answers to your many wonders without theological ties.

YOU WILL STAY HERE if you are searching for higher truth from the quietness of your mind.

HERE YOU WILL FIND answers to your most intimate wonders kept unanswered for so long.

THIS WEBPAGE IS INSPIRED by spiritual insights I receive, perceive and transcribe from divine sources as to the Universal Principles to the Origin and Purpose of life.

THE INSIGHTS are then record into manuscripts, given the name of “Transcript” and published here for free for all humanity to read.

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THIS WEBSITE is the “Temple” where the original Transcript resides and home for new Transcripts as they manifest.

MY TRUE STORY and full explanation of what transpired during that evening is depicted in the book  ”THE PIANIST AND THE SALESMAN.” Every detail is given with easy to visualize analogies and living experiences from the author’s first NDE to the inception of the First Transcript!

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The number of unpublished readings exceed 200 in numbers for which there is plenty of insights you will learn from.

Learn what needs to be learned from divine sources: That which is still not well understood—and this time taught without theological ties.




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“Uplift your spirit, regain control of your Life and see for yourself that

there is no mystery in life, only lack of information to what lies ahead.”


—Francisco Valentín

Higher Truth