Transcript XV

Learn to love your physical body

Learn to love your physical body. Give it only what is required to be healthy and you will live a balanced life. No warranties, though, for each body brings within what some might call “coding” that limits its strength. Call it “weaknesses,” for not every human being is totally balanced. And there is no good and bad to it, for we come from the union of two imperfects beings as well, with strengths and weaknesses from every possible angle, that you inherited within to walk a path, in life, subject to virtues and limitations, to express life though those senses: That experience in life you created on your own in body form!

Make the best out of it. Make the best out of any illness, low vibration, or tribulation you might have in life, for it is only temporarily, and soon to pass if it is well understood that this experience is for one to live and is as part of creation in the evolutionary process of LIFE. For Life is all there is and exists!

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