Confusion is among us

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1Confusion is among us.

2The thinking mind wants to make things happen.

3The thinking mind tries to take form in ways that the logic behind thinking is not seen.

4It is the search for truth that brings much confusion and tribulation among us.

5The problem is that truth is different for everyone.

6Everyone seek truth in that comfort zone where the mind finds a balance between the understanding of what is within themselves; within their environment; within their relationship with others; within the world they live in; and that reasoning takes form and makes sense, you see?

7The making sense part of it is the one that gives them peace of mind, and peace of mind gives comfort, and comfort gives resolution…and we call it balance.

8The sad part is when you feel pure peace, balance, understanding and you call it truth; then attachment takes place because you want to hold on to the truth, so the question is: If truth is individual and everyone’s truth is balance, and someone’s truth is a total unbalance to someone else’s truth, then: Where does the real truth comes from, you see?

9That is a paradox by itself: Truth is one—but each individual truth generates attachment and to detach you must seek truth.

10But truth can take you to different levels where the truth of one is a total blasphemy for other, so how can we respect truth and find truth if the truth of one is not the truth of the other?

11That is why it has been written not to be unequally yoked, for each reality of one’s self, if not in harmony with the reality of the other, then true unbalance takes form, harmony is disrupted and no longer exists; and the gap between one’s truth and the other spread them apart in their own search for truth.

12If your truth and my truth are not the same then we find disharmony in the desire to live along in a balance world.

13So truth itself becomes a paradox. Truth unites and truth divides, truth  can break apart the individual as well as communities, and even nations of humanly understanding through the diversity of truths.

14So is it ever one truth? (I asked)…yes there is… 

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