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Francisco Valentin-Live lecture at The Spirit University in Sarasota, Fl

I was recently approached by one of my followers who asked me how to store up good karma. Someone had suggested her to do good and show love to others. Although the suggestion was ambiguously correct, let me share with you a more profound answer that deserves more attention worldwide and without theological ties. With her written consent in hand here is my response to her:

Dear (anonymous):

The most effective way to store good karma is by allowing karma to unfold. Let me explain:

It’s knowing the difference between what you can change and what you can’t.

It’s embracing what you may not fully understand as you see it unfolding before you. Take that moment and ask yourself if it is meant to happen in accordance to the law of cause and effect. Then ask if it may also be due to human factors out of free will.

That’s why our ancestors have written words like: “God; grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”

It is knowing that “whatsoever you do others you are doing it to yourself” simply means that you will experience yourself what you have done to others. It is understanding that: “We are the sum total of all our experiences since the first movement took form.”

Therefore ask yourself how many lives you must have incarnated in order to be where you are today!

Think of all the experiences you have gained today, and all the wisdom you have acquired: From what you may term as “good or “bad” experiences; knowing both are simply experiences, and it is your own judgement what makes them become good or bad.

It is knowing that for one to become a victim, a perpetrator must exist. Now ask yourself what role have you played in the past and which role are you playing now (?)

Here’s how you store good karma:


Like I’ve said many times before: karma is not punishment but the unfolding of the law of cause and effect—from virtues to disabilities, it’s all the unfolding as you experience the latest of the totality of experiences since the first movement took form.

There’s much to be explained from what I’ve just wrote, but all will make sense in due time, as the droplets of water begin to leave a mark in the stone of our minds.

Enjoy the journey and remember: Life is one…experiences many!

—Francisco Valentín

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