Eighth Transcript VIII

I want to, I have to, I need to

I want to, I have to, I need to. Those are the 3 basic human needs when it comes to desire feeding the ego.

For instance: You may want to be holistic; you want to be on a diet, and so on.

It is only when you stop those 3 thoughts when you may change a habit.

When you say, for instance, “I want,” it is because you have a desire  a specific purpose. Only true change comes from within when there is no need to wanting something but just to allow it to manifest.

It is through allowing things to happen that true change comes in as you allow such changes to take place.

“Letting God do the work” means letting your spirit move in the direction it has to move; for you are only the receptor.

The Maker is the spirit, the Soul the receptor, and the human body the mechanism used by the receptor.

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