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Would you be surprised if I tell you that a Near Death Experience is nothing more than a spiritual experience?

And what if I provide you with enough evidence to that indisputable truth and without theological ties?

Throughout this book I will take you on a journey through time and space for you to see above and beyond what science cannot explain, religion cannot understand, and spirituality makes it too hard to clarify…unless the witness himself can fully explain what takes does take place—Not visions, or apparisions but what truly takes place, as it takes place.

I am that witness. It took place during one summer in 1979 at the young age of 17 when I died due to a horrific car accident. What makes me unique is that as I returned back to life and I brought with me things not taught in school.

This is my story. I will explain, with easy to understand analogies, what does indeed take place, how it takes place, what is to expect and how to prepare yourself for the journey.

After all, there is no mystery in life…only lack of information to what lies ahead. Join me and discover what lies behind a Near Death Experience.


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The Transcript

The Transcript: A Spiritually channeled message decoding the origin and purpose of life, is a literal work depicting in its entirety a one page spiritually channeled manuscript written in 2011 following thirty-two years after the author’s first Near Death Experience took place.

Synopsis: In July 7, 2011 Francisco (Frank) Valentin didn’t know that evening would be the space and time by which he would be reminded of what he agreed to do in 1979 before returning from his Near Death Experience.

His twenty-year-old son was the medium by which the message came through to give Frank the missing link to his quest for answers to the origin and purpose of life.

Lesser did Frank know that following those answers, he would be reminded of what he agreed before coming back to life.

What took place that evening became a manuscript transcribed verbatim through automatic writing by Francisco Valentin and is narrated in this easy read.

Throughout this book, Frank will walk you through his most personal experiences, intriguing analogies and factual information as he depicts what he embraced through each answer he received in terms you can fully understand.

This literal work will help you find answers to those many wonders you might have kept secretly in the confinements of your soul, one chapter at a time.




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