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A man is but the sum of his thoughts.


1A man is but the sum of his thoughts.

2When you fear loss, fear death, fear war or fear changes, you give others the ability to control you based on those fears.

3When you fight against poverty, racism, or fight for freedom you are utterly attempting to repress that which has been placed before you to conquer inwardly—these situations are mirrors of your fears.

4That’s why it is so important to love and only love.

5Just realize that this material world is only a physical manifestation of either love or fear in your consciousness.

6Fear and love are the only true emotions that mankind experience—all other emotions branches either directly or indirectly from these two emotions.

7Fear and love, love and hate, good and bad, up and down, high and low, and the list go on are but expressions of duality.

8It’s all becoming “good” when it follows the overall sentiment of a group, a society or whatever means of feeling in compliance with the rest.

9That’s why you see cultures where suffering is a blessing; while others engulf themselves in the goods of life, including lust, power and greed.

10Its not that one is good and the other one is not….since what for one culture is good, for another its totally against the law. See the predicament?

11Same applies with the self and his indulgences—for one pain gives pleasure and for another it hurts.

12The issue here is not which one is good and which one is bad, because neither are true.

13It’s the Golden rule, the one rule that determines what is “good and what is bad.”

14Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you is what’s applicable across the board.

15For if for you is good and for another is not, then the other becomes a victim of your desires.

16For if for you is good and for another is not, then the other becomes a victim of your intrusion.

17And be heeded, for the law of cause and effect will remind you what is good and what is not.

18And for “what you do to others you are doing it to yourself” truly means is that the harm you do to others you will experience it yourself either in the near future or future lives to come.

19In other words, duality is the process of rebalancing to where there’s no more desire to experiment life one way or the other.

20And when you find yourself in this world you have created—where duality no longer exists, then the soul becomes ready to merge with the creator (or life source) and transforms itself from individuality to collectivity.

21And how far are we from such achievement? As close and as far as you wish….

22But we need to fight! Some may say. And I say to you: fight what? what for? if at the end of the day all you need to do is to center within yourself and even life in flesh will vanish.

23Acts of violence take you nowhere but to build more karma.

24Act of protests, even pacifists, create awareness but unless the vast majority follow through, it all becomes a nuisance to those who care not for your demands.

25It’s by knowing that you are the sum total of all your experiences since the first movement took form that you comprehend all of what’s happening in your present life and learn how to put a stop to what troubles you the most.

Copyright © Transcripts—Francisco Valentin—09/06/2016

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