Francisco Valentin live lecture

Francisco Valentin live lecture at the Metaphysical Society of Sun City Center, Florida, 2014

Why is it that no one has yet figured out the true purpose of life?

The answer is very simple:

Nothing of what has been said, depicted, written or explained is what it seems to be.

Life cannot be explain unless an analogy of metaphor is given. Ask yourself what is life, and soon enough you will hear yourself saying : “life is like…..” Or maybe you will fool yourself by reciting the words: “life is love” or “life is peace” or any other word that just replaces the word “life,” leaving you with the same emptiness than before.

The human brain can only interpret wisdom through analogies and metaphors unless the human intellect goes through the experience itself—and still, one can only describe to others what most resembles the experience with the hope that the listener would understand.

So let me help you define LIFE and mark my words before we could move on:
“Life is the sum total of all experiences since the first movement took form”—Transcript


Life is you and you are life in itself. The “life” you see around you—from an atomic particle to the most complex of creation is the individual aspect of that which once belonged to the spirit world; our true origin, but please, let’s understand it without theological ties, this time around:

Life is the unfolding of all actions—past, present and uncertain future being brought with the worldwide daily actions. Life is your experience and all others as well. Life exists, therefore you exist.

Recently I sat down with an astro-physicist after listening to his lecture claiming none of this exists. In a very humble and non-argumentative fashion, I asked him privately what he though about one loosing an arm or receive a cut when this is as real as it gets. His answer was simple to him: “We believe we loose an arm because of our belief system. Then he contradicted himself  when adding “If we recognize our full potential, we could grow it back.

Do we or don’t we exist? Why growing it back if we don’t exist? Making sense out of him would have been very similar as to explaining a psychiatrist that a near-death experience is a glimpse at the other side. So I smiled, acknowledged his answer, stood up, shook hands and I graciously left.

My stand is simple and by reading from the Transcripts yours will also be:
If you take the human body and break it down to an atomic level you can conclude that the physical body is made out of 99 % empty space, therefore we don’t even exist! But we do indeed exist, my friends.

The fact that we are spirits in nature doesn’t take away the fact that we are bounded to matter. Knowing this, let’s just stick with what we can comprehend: While your soul is currently bounded to the physical world of matter, if you loose a hand you may bleed to death. If you don’t seek medical attention, you might even loose your arm. Needless to say, you will not re-grow your arm again—at least not with your current DNA code.  We are….therefore we exist!

As to your purpose? Lets say, for now, that you are a spiritual being experiencing life through the senses. And every single day you are evolving to your new totality of what you have become since the first movement took form—That simple.  You don’t have to die or have a near-death experience to know this.

Humanity will not find the answer unless they look inwardly. The answer will not be found in quantifying physics, or mathematical equations, of understanding matter. They all are simply ways to measure what cannot be measured.
The “we do not exist” theory is based on the understanding that our physical appearance is no other than the combination of atomic particles joined together—therefore we don’t exist. What it has been left out of the equation is that we, as spirits, have evolved to manifest from an original intent into the physical world.

The physical plane is an illusion, yet is as real as your next meal in order to survive on Earth. Your pain is real and your joy is real as well. Your physical ailments are real, and so your sadness or laughter. It’s as real as it gets or as illusionary as it may feel—you control both.
A molecule of oxygen means nothing to the thirsty unless it’s tied to two molecules of hydrogen. Both are in gaseous state but when they bond they create the water that you need to keep you alive.
You are, therefore you exist.

The statement “This world is only an illusion” taken from the Transcript takes you to understand our true nature. Therefore  life will continue in spite of the ever-changing cycle in the physical world you presently live in.
If we don’t exist—Why are you then alive? Why are you still here? The dichotomy lies in the ambiguity of the perceiver.

Truth is one, interpretations many—Transcript


Yours truly:

Francisco Valentín

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