Transcript V

Peace Meditation Exercise

Take rest in comfort. Close your eyes to avoid distraction through the senses. Ease your mind and disconnect yourself from the reminding senses: touch, smell, hearing and taste.
Take all your thoughts and tell to yourself: “Let the mind rest.” While you say “let the mind rest” visualize your thoughts falling asleep into the floor, in a forward position, like a leaf gliding down through the air and see them resting on the floor. Keep repeating “Let the mind rest” and see those thoughts falling asleep, and when another thought comes in, visualize it falling asleep and resting on the floor as they vanish one by one: “Let the mind rest.” As you repeat those words visualize total darkness surrounded by peace and position yourself in the center knowing that means you are centered—and stay centered.
You are that centered piece in the infinite void, where your soul dwells while the body rests. All peace is around you and you are bringing peace into your present, which is the center of where you are. Where there is peace nothing disturbs you. Conform to your surrounding. Stay in the void, where you rest, away from the outside world. Stay away from the outside world as you acknowledge being submerged in that other world you call home. Stay centered and don’t expect anything other than peace and balance as you see yourself centered in the void of your world. Become the observer, not the doer. Stay alert of your new surroundings and focus on that peace that bathe you. Thoughts are just thoughts and you should not allow them to disturb your peace. For there is nowhere to go but inward, and inward is where you find God.

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