Transcript VII

Creation is vibration

Creation is vibration. As we vibrate we manifest.

There are different frequencies harmonizing every color, every atom, every molecule, every living and non-living thing as vibration takes form.

As we vibrate we manifest and manifestation becomes the essence of creation itself. Vibration is the principle to our existence from the original source; and so We Exist.

It is not a physical body with a soul but rather a soul manifesting through a physical body. If we where a body with a soul, the body, becoming the original source, would decay and the soul, belonging to the body would decay as well with it, ceasing to exist.

However, if we carry within ourselves a soul who’s original source is endless, inhabiting in a body, we would come to realize that the body itself is already proven to decay in this Universal Law of existence, and the soul, that precedes the body, endless in form, would then keep on with its living experiences through the vibrating forces of creation.

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