Transcript VI


Forgiveness is the act when the soul recognizes that the past that took place and collided or crossed with someone else’s, regardless the difficulties that took place at the given time, is recognized as when two souls met.

When you forgive you rejoice for the experience given, and the course that experience took you, to share with that other soul, regardless of the conflict that took place— that what once was and no longer is—That is forgiveness.

When you recognize that your conscious mind, your selfish or selfless soul, experiencing life in human form, fought back identity, consternation, tribulation, or selfishness and individuality, was only a collision that took place when two views collided under the desire of the human mind, wanting to take control of a given situation, expressed and manifested in its own reality, its own truth—the same one I exposed yesterday,(exposed to the channeler), that is the time when the soul acted and reacted to satisfy its need, its emotion, its egotistic behavior pattern, created by society and the self, for survival or lust, or engulfment, or alleged self preservation. That is when two souls meet and later respond as “what an adventure! What a path crossing act!” And then greet themselves for the path taken, and forgiveness takes place acknowledging that they both had a journey that once was and no longer is. You see?

Holding grudges is nothing more than holding on to the past. It is nothing more than feeding oneself in the diluted idea that what once was still is. You see?

Is remembering and holding on to the past. Is recalling and thinking for the ego to be at risk. Is complaining about past experiences, creating excuses, creating new worlds, creating new thinking of what once was and no longer is. It is fear of going through the experience once again or confronting the same soul in the present and fearing the emotion that might take place once again. It is a distorted idea of principles of past experiences and predisposition; reason why reincarnation predisposition can not take place. That is why it is disallowed; for the conscious mind would remember previous experiences or what is termed as the past and would react adversely to the chosen pact.  You see?

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