I was recently asked to be interviewed by Mr. Harald Anderson, marketing director of The Spirit University in Sarasota, Florida for a profile update as I became a workshop facilitator at The Spirit University in the subject of Near-Death experiences and the afterlife.
    What I found most interesting is that I agreed for the interview not knowing what was I going to be asked— Lesson learned…its better not to know beforehand!
    To my surprise, Harald’s first question was one I expected, but as he deepened in context, it became clear his questions were more profound that I ever imagined.
    To give you a glimpse, here is his final question:
Harald Anderson: “Frank: Let’s move the clock forward 50 years, 100 years, 200 years…what do you most want to be remembered for?
Here is my answer in this 10 minute video just for you.

And remember: Truth is one; interpretations many!

Yours truly:

Francisco (Fran) Valentin

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