Transcript XVIII

How to attain peace

Peace is attained by letting go of the conditioning you give to life.

“But how can I attain peace in a world where I need to be cautious and make a living to survive?” That is a predicament every soul has when confronted with the reality one lives in. Well, it is all about where you are. If you are in the woods living by yourself in harmony with nature that would be the less of your worries, would it? See? It all has to do with where you are in relation to the environment that surrounds you. If you are in a place of war, that would be hard to attain, would it? Same applies to being in a cosmopolitan environment where society push you like a raggedy doll. By choice or by conditioning it is you who chooses what to do with what you have been given, endure it or embrace it to free yourself. That is call free will. But there is also the conditioning of the mind where strength or weakness moves you or make you become the victim of your weakness. It is all about free will: Either you fight for your freedom or you surrender to the conditioning. It is all up to you, at all times, to learn what brought you here in the first place and stop blaming the outside world, for it is all your world, the one created by you, along with all your experiences and the others’ too.

Free yourself. That’s all I have to say for now, and it is all up to you to understand and put it to work on your behalf.

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