Transcript  XIX

You live one life at a time

The theory of living multiple lives simultaneously is a misconception driven by those who theorize endlessly.

Life is experienced one consciousness at a time.

If you are fully awake you cannot experience the consciousness brought while in a dream stage. And while asleep you cannot experience life as you do while you are fully awake.

If, while being awake you live in the world of fantasies, you cannot fully experience life in a conscious state while experiencing the fantasy world as once. See?

And if you feel like being in a stage of mind where you seek quietness, tell me if it not true that you would not like to be among the crowd? One life at a time.

You create your world, you create your space; and you choose to stay calm or become active, be still or be running, be out there fighting a war or being here quieting your mind. IT IS YOUR CHOICE how to live life—one life at a time. 

The potential is there, but you choose— and the rule is: ONE life at a time.

How many times have you been working on your desk while the whole world is revolving with its complexity and all you live is that moment within the boundaries of your desk?

If you are alive in this world you cannot be alive in the spirit world. One life at a time.

If we are One we cannot be two, but it does take two to make one!

You do experience, you do remember, and that makes who you are today; because you are the sum of all your experiences from the beginning of times, merged in this one life you are currently living at this time.

It is indeed true that you live only once…but remember…one life at a time.

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