Transcript II

Do not try to explain everything

Do not try to explain everything because everything cannot be explained, and even if it can be explained, it takes stages of learning process to fully digest and understand those aspects that do not relate to human understanding. For instance, there is a learning stage from preschool to middle school and from high school to college proficiency.
You have to take the child step by step into adulthood. Even an adult that never went through the schooling system cannot be taken right to college level just because he is 30 years old. He needs to be taken step by step from elementary principles in order to make him fully understand concepts given at college level.
For instance, our brain. Do we fully understand how our brain works? For most of us the answer is NO. We will have to go through different stages of a learning process before we could understand what science has discovered, so far. Now, what about the mind? The mind goes way beyond the human brain principles. The mind is a totally different subject. The mind is something we are just scratching the surface as human beings and we are now in the 21t century; so the answer is No. You cannot fully explain how everything works.
However, I can take you step by step to understand the principles behind it and those aspects you can relate and understand in your present time; that is as far as we can go. Trying to go beyond that is like trying to become a spirit and still holding on to your physical body; you cannot experience both worlds simultaneously unless you are fully capable of, and even so…how many have been recorded of being able to do that? And how many or few others not recorded in your times? You don’t even know what is beyond comprehension. That is a fact you must understand the moment you look up to the sky and see how many stars there are; how many planets for every star; how many galaxies and beyond. So, trying to understand everything? Trying to attest there is no life beyond? Trying to believe this is it?…that is beyond comprehension…that is denial.

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