Transcript  XX

What a transcript is

Transcripts are manuscripts guided by divine consciousness. As the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom flow through the mind, it is required to be filter through the brain, which in turn converts the information into images (some call them visions) which I rather call them thoughts. Not thoughts manifested out of the conscious analytical minds of men which are produced as someone consciously creates through desires, or images which become obscured, as well as divine within the analytical thought, but on the contrary, an external thought delivered into the conscious mind and transmuted by the brain which in turn channels it through the senses as reference points to make it available to humanity in terms they can relate to.

For instance: let’s say a statement from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom comes in form of a feeling. Let us say I receive the image of a rapid river. It precedes the notion of LIFE (something hard to put into words for now) and the peace which is experienced brings along the sentiment of safety.  Instinctively I speak the words: “Experiencing life is like flowing through a river in a vessel.”

My words flow as I feel in harmony with the original intent. It is my ability to decipher the original intent as it flows. I do not judge or try to make sense of it. I have known that every time I slip is because I attempt to make sense and actually cut-off the message and the sentence stop flowing: That section of any given transcript I nullify because the content becomes tainted.  Once I deter myself from my analytical thinking, the flow continues.

TO THE READER:  Transcripts are written verbatim. Literal and/or grammatical corrections have been omitted to preserve its original intent. Any alteration may change the context originally intended, received or perceived.

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