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This Transcript excerpt responds to one of my early instances where I was able to ask questions while becoming the observer between the Collectivity and my higher self. 

I had to ask that question everyone have asked at least once in one’s lifetime: Who created all this? Here is one of the many answers I received regarding the subject of God. Do not take this Transcript excerpt as the ultimate answer to this question. The answer is indeed spread throughout all 500+ Transcripts in many ways, with different terms and different words. This is just one of many forms of expressing what cannot be expressed in words but following one pattern—without theological ties, this time around:


5 FV– But who created it?

6 CFKW– God, the one and only.

7 The creator of that energy source that people want to define to find balance within themselves justifying the existence of someone or something.

8 The existence of everything is also called the yin and the yang; the positive and the negative; the good and the bad and all those words used to describe the duality within: From words to parables and from analogies to metaphors.

9 FV-But where does God comes from?

10 CFKW– It doesn’t matter where God comes from because no word will fully explain that God is within.

11 God is God, but God is also energy and God is also Life, and love is also its essence and God is also called Universe, galaxies, cosmos, ether, the mystic, the unknown, the incomprehensible, the non-understandable—That which IS, we call God.

12 God is a word we use to call that someone that does not exist in the physical world but we make believe it does by giving it a name for everything that is God.

13 Call it creation- creation is God. Everything comes from God.

14 Call it as you wish, no matter what name you give, even mother earth; it is still God.

15 God is that one word that makes it impossible to understand, because that creator must have come from one creator! (many say) and the creator itself must have come from one creator, (others argue). God IS the original thought.

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