What is a Transcript?


Transcripts are insights of Higher Truth given by the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom. They pertain to the origin and purpose of life, as received, perceived and translated by yours truly, Francisco Valentin, as they manifest through me.

As I perceive the original intent in abstract form, I become the recipient of the information coming through and I choose the words from its original intent.

Sometimes it manifests as automatic writing, at times it manifests through feelings I have to expand in written form, other instances it manifests through drawings, visions or dreams and in some occasions as a lecture or reprimand I am compelled to write or voice record.

Therefore, Transcripts are written verbatim to preserve the integrity of the intended message.

Since words are the most primitive of all communications, their interpretations are subjective. You are invited to ponder about each subject in accordance to your experiences since birth, creation, and ultimately since the first movement took form.

See how each word from each Transcript resonates with you, and read in between the lines the true meaning of each word, at whatever level you may see yourself fitting in.

However, no third party shall interpret for you the meaning of any given Transcript. No one is granted permission to interpret (or voice) to others the Transcripts’ content other than the transcriber himself, Francisco Valentin. Any other interpretation will invalidate the integrity of the original intent.

Any word in (parenthesis) means I have chosen to use an alternative word to clarify the original intent or to make a comment or remark.

Words such as ‘man/men’, ‘his/her,’ ‘mankind’ or similar connotations in singular or plural form pertaining to the identification with the self are void from gender identification; therefore the word ‘humanity’ is always implied when those terms are used.

Higher Truth does not mean absolute truth. However, each Transcript will take you one step closer to the ultimate truth. See it as an example of learning to count from one to ten, before you could learn to add and subtract, before you could learn how to multiply and divide, before applying all those concepts to solve the (metaphorically speaking) algebraic equation of life.

As to the identity of the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom; some call them  Spirits, others describe them as Angels, few interpret them as Masters, and some view it as coming from Higher Sources. However; as one of my Transcripts read:

“Name calling limits the source through reasoning; rather call it to come from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom.”—Transcript excerpt

Therefore, if you are new to the Transcripts, I suggest you read them lightly as pieces of a one million piece puzzle that only you can put together based on your experiences since birth, creation and ultimately since the first movement took form.

And now, I invite you to read each Transcript, without theological ties…this time around.

Sincerely yoursBack to Transcript

Francisco Valentin

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