Transcript III

You are given a path

You are given a path; a platform to work with. Your conscious mind does not recognize it because it goes beyond your reasoning. Nevertheless it does exists and so are noises beyond our hearing span and masses the human eye cannot detect.
From that path given , it is up to you to relinquish, object, protest, differ, dissent… or give space for you to learn from it; to walk through it; or allow manifestation to take place. That is called FREE WILL.
It is much like a computer program being installed in your brain for you to work with. Once the program is downloaded you need to start working with it and learn what the purpose is as well as what is it that needs to be accomplished once installed.
Either you learn it good or get frustrated figuring it out. Instructions? Yes! Many!
There are instructions written down by men from different cultures to work with. Many have been compiled and updated to human satisfaction, others have been transcribed directly from the source, some have been written from dreams and visions, others given as stories. All to help human understanding of the Universal Principles to the Origin and Purpose of Life.

TO THE READER: Transcripts are written verbatim. Literal and/or grammatical corrections have been omitted to preserve its original intent. Any alteration may change the context originally intended, received or perceived.

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